Look Vibrant ¦ Plateau


These two sick/fucked up skeletons have decided to make some squashed tomato music like nobodies done it before. It’s ripped me downand it’s taken me to the toilets a couple of times (i won’t go into the details) but I’m still here loving this beautiful organised mess. You can swap one of their cassettes for a hand job on their sweet Bandcamp. I just love Chameleons.

Blue Hawaii ¦ Untogether


The human being has this natural need and desire to be part of a group. Historically this group has given him the protection and the technical support needed to survive. Society came along and created the boundaries and the innovations that make the modern world. From a survival point of view the group is no more needed. Sadly the roots are still deep within, the majority of people live with this deep fear inside them. They become the perfect members: clones of the American way who do not have the capacity to see beyond “there normality”. Grouped they attack the “Ones” who dare to pull away. But in the end do you not prefer to be unique than be a robot ? Listen to Blue Hawaii “Untogether" on Arbutus Records and you’ll understand what’s best.

Last Ever Girls Setlist @ Primavera Sound 2012

Last Ever Girls Setlist @ Primavera Sound 2012

2012 ¦ Goodbye Girls

2012 ¦ Comedy From Mac DeMarco…

…And Two Amazing Albums

2012 ¦ Some Eps

Pure Bathing Culture “Pure Bathing Culture”

Daniel Rossen “Silent Hour / Golden Mile”

2012 ¦ Burger Records

Sam Flax “Age Waves”

Part Time “Saturday Night”

Gap Dream “Gap Dream”

2012 ¦ Some Albums

Chromatics “Kill For Love”

Chris Cohen “Overgrown Path”

Grizzly Bear “Shields”

Beach House “Bloom”

2012 ¦ Some Songs

The Interest Group “The Passenger”

Ryan Hemsworth “Charly Wingate”

Vinyl Williams “Harmonious Change”

LOL Boys “Changes” (Shlohmo remix)